Chilling note left at scene of San Jose couple's slayings

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Friends and neighbors of a San Jose couple killed in their home say they are desperate for answers and that a disturbing message left at the scene is making a tough situation even worse.

"It's very, very hard to believe something like this could happen," said Evergreen neighborhood resident Aswath Ayengar. "It's a really peaceful area."

Golam Rabbi and his wife Shamima Rabbi were found shot inside their home on Sunday after family members grew concerned that they hadn't heard from them in days.

On Wednesday, flowers remained outside the deceased couple's home where they lived with their two sons.

A source familiar with the crime scene told KTVU a hand-written note was found on the floor inside which read:
"Sorry, my first kill was clumsy."

And there was a second note said to be a manifesto of sorts written across a wall in the same ink.

"The note seems to imply it was not a random act of violence, but probably some design behind that, some purpose, so that has shocked us even more," said Hasan Rahim.

Ramin is a spokesman for the Evergreen Islamic Center, which the couple attended.  He says he's known the couple for 30 years and describes them as humble people of service.

Ramin says Golam Rabbi and his eldest son seemed to get along well.

"I always saw the son with the father and I didn't see anything special that stood out.  But I have to say the son was not very talkative.  He was more on the quiet side," said Ramin.

Police are searching for that son while the younger one, a 17-year-old, has returned to Evergreen Valley High School, according to neighbors.

"The younger brother is back in school but the kids are saying you know he looks a little disturbed," said neighbor Simon Vengersammy.

Vengersammy says because of the nearby violence, he's watching his three children closer than usual and is getting anxious for answers.

"Up until this point I was fine because we were thinking maybe one of the kids, they'll catch them, whatever, but Wednesday is here and we still don't know," said Vengersammy.

Police have said they don't believe the incident was a random act of violence and that the suspect or suspects were familiar to the family. 

They also say they don't believe the deaths were a hate crime or that the public is in any immediate danger.
Police have yet to officially name a suspect. When KTVU contacted them Wednesday, they would only say there is nothing new.