City says Pepsi used SFPD logo without permission in Kendall Jenner ad

SAN FRANCISCO (BCN) A controversial ad for Pepsi that was quickly pulled after an outcry that it made light of social justice issues is now also the subject of legal threats from San Francisco for using the Police Department's shield.

The ad was criticized for trivializing the Black Lives Matter movement. In it, model Kendall Jenner was shown leaving a photoshoot, removing a blond wig and joining a protest, where she hands a can of Pepsi to
a police officer to cheers by protesters.

The police officers in the ad were wearing logos from the San Francisco Police Department, which the city took notice of, demanding Pepsi stop using the image.

"Pepsi did not have permission to use the San Francisco Police Department logo," City Attorney Dennis Herrera said in a statement.

"We're demanding that Pepsi not run any footage or photos associated with this ad that reference the San Francisco Police Department."

Herrera continued, "If they don't comply, we will explore all legal options. There is nothing San Franciscan about Pepsi's ham-handed attempt here to fatten its own bottom line."

The threat may be moot as the outrage prompted Pepsi to quickly pull the ad and apologize.