'Community partnerships:' Concord police share new lip sync video featuring city residents

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Concord police are at it again with the lip sync challenge. This time the department involved the community as they teamed with the Monument Crisis Center and shared the words of Spanish Singer Enrique Iglesias’ hit song “Bailando,” which includes both English and Spanish lyrics.

Following their rise back in July, when law enforcement lip sync videos were booming, the community challenged officers to incorporate residents in a new video.

The Concord Police Department fully embraced the challenged. 

“We come from so many backgrounds, but what brings us together is the love for our community,” two officers said in the beginning of the video.

Police said this video was about the importance of community partnerships. They released a teaser clip about a week before their Nov. 29 release date and continued to push related-content over the coming days, always framing it with a “will you join” us approach. They also asked for a little help from their Facebook followers. 

“Please be sure to like and share it so we can spread our message of the importance of community partnerships,” the police department wrote in a separate Facebook post.

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Now that Concord authorities decided to build upon an already notable moment in 2018 internet history, will the other Bay Area police departments see this as inspiration and get the bands back together?