Convicted burglar breaks into Piedmont home; helps himself to food, booze while homeowners vacation

Piedmont police say a man broke into a home on Grand Avenue and made himself at home for two days. 

Authorities said 39-year-old, convicted burglar, Yuri Brand helped himself to $1,000 worth of food and alcohol while the homeowners were away on vacation. 

Police said he broke into the home, located on Grand Avenue near Arroyo Avenue, through the back door and drank almost all the alcohol from the liquor cabinet and took items from the refrigerator. 

Surveillance video of an intruder at a Piedmont residence. 

When the residents came back, he was gone but left a mess. 

Piedmont police reviewed surveillance video and recognized the intruder as someone they had arrested earlier in the morning for trespassing at a different location. 

One of the homeowners told KTVU, "makes me a little bit on guard," following the incident. 

Brand is being held by Piedmont police and was charged by the Alameda County district attorney with burglary and trespassing for allegedly breaking into the home. 

KTVU's Henry Lee contributed to this report. 


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