Coyote suffering from severe mange spotted in Danville

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A coyote has been spotted in Danville suffering from a severe case of mange. 

According to Wildlife Emergency Services, mange is a treatable skin condition caused by mites that burrow into the skin. 

WES says the coyote is not a threat to the public if it is left alone. 

If pets come in direct contact with the coyote there is a possibility the pet could pick up mites. However, Rebecca Dmytryk with Wildlife Emergency Services tells KTVU it's unlikely a pet would have that close of contact with the coyote and a healthy immune system could prevent disease. 

The coyote has been spotted in the Danville area often and residents are concerned for the animal's welfare. 

Residents are being asked to report sightings on the coyote to Nextdoor or to the Danville Police Department. 

Volunteers are working with Nextdoor to get reports to Wildlife Emergency Services. 

Rescuers will return to the neighborhood on Wednesday or Thursday in hopes of capturing the animal and getting him the treatment he needs. 

Coyote with mange from Wildlife Emergency Services on Vimeo.