Curfew lifts in Walnut Creek after weekend looting

Looters damaged Walnut Creek Sephora during George Floyd protests. May 31, 2020

A curfew that had been in effect overnight in Walnut Creek lifted early Monday morning after widespread looting over the weekend.  

On Sunday night, the suburban city was targeted by vandals as one group of people broke into stores including Target and Urban Outfitters as well as the Vans store on Olympic Boulevard.

Many stores in the Broadway Plaza area, including Apple, had already boarded up their windows. 

There is a protest planned in in Walnut Creek at 3 p.m. Monday to mourn the death of George Floyd, an African-American man who was killed when a police officer sat on his neck last week in Minneapolis. 

The mayor of Walnut Creek, Loella Haskew, said the city has plans in place to keep the peace. Starting earlier will lead to a more peaceful, appropriate, and important protest, where people can express those feelings," Haskew said. 

Now that the curfew's been lifted, the owners of some of the shops and businesses in the area can return to assess some of the damage.