Curry heads to all-star weekend with near triple-double

The Golden State Warriors are entering the all-star break, with the best record in NBA history after 54 games.

Stephen Curry scored 26 points, and nearly posted a triple-double, as the Warriors beat the Phoenix Suns in Arizona Wednesday night, 112-104.

The Warriors are now 48-4, and have won 11 straight games.

If they continue this pace, they will break the mark set by the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls, which finished the season with a league-record 72 regular season wins.

Coach Steve Kerr called the Warriors recrod, "shocking."

But he added, "We have a deep roster and they love playing together, they enjoy winning and they are good at it."

Klay Thompson scored 24 points.He called the first 52 games, "a blur."

"It has gone by really fast..  we couldn't have asked for a better pre-All-Star break performance. We still have some room for improvement, believe it or not, but it is really surreal to be 48-4."

Curry said the season so far, is "satisfying."

"We handled a lot of different challenges pretty well this first half of the season."

Curry finished the game with 9 assists and 9 rebounds.

He, Thompson and Draymond Green will now head to Toronto, for this weekend's all-star game festivities.