Customer brandishes gun in Target after mask showdown, police say

Mohamud Abdalla allegedly threatened a Target employee with a gun after being confronted for not covering his face in the store, Morgan Hill police said.

A customer brandished a gun in a Target store in Morgan Hill after being confronted by an employee for not wearing a mask, police said.

Mohamud Abdalla was arrested Tuesday in the men’s department of the Target Center and charged with exhibiting a firearm in a threatening manner, Morgan Hill police said. 

Although the shop employee claimed to police that Abdalla, 27,  removed the handle of black gun from his pocket, officers said that “at the time of the arrest no handgun was located on the suspect.”

The employee who called 911 told police she had confronted Abdalla two days earlier for not covering his face in the store. 

In the incident on Tuesday, the employee and a colleague hid in a dressing room area while waiting for police to show up, authorities said. 

No one was injured and no shots were fired.

Shoppers posted photos on social media, saying that the store had been evacuated.

Abdalla has been released from custody.