Deacon Dave's Livermore holiday light display back from pandemic, brighter than ever

No other home in the Bay Area has a holiday light display quite like it. Deacon’s Dave Light Display is back open to the public after being closed last year due to the pandemic.

Last-minute preparations were underway Thursday night in the front yard of a home in Livermore for the return of Deacon Dave’s Christmas Light Display.

"There’s a lot of excited people because they’ve been coming by as we’ve been putting up lights," said Dave Rezendes, Deacon Dave’s Light Display.

For 38 years, the display is a source of holiday joy.

What once started as a small elf village with 2,000 lights has grown to more than 700,000 lights now LED at the home of Rezendes, known as Deacon Dave.

"I keep adding a few each year," said Rezendes. "I bought all the ones at Walmart in Livermore, Pleasanton and Tracy."

Each year is a new theme. This year’s theme is "America Celebrates Our Heroes."

There’s a 25-foot tall Ferris wheel dedicated to the military. The seats have military emblems.

There’s a carnival ride dedicated to veterans and a merry-go-round with elves dressed as a firefighter, teacher, police officer, doctor, and nurse.

Other features include the proposal bridge.

"Over 38 years, there have been 72 marriage proposals on the bridge," said Rezendes.

There are live doves too. The deacon dedicated his home to the Holy Spirit. One of the symbols is a dove.

 "We start on Labor Day weekend generally some of the projects start sooner than that," said Volunteer Keith Jess.

A group of 20 volunteers divide into teams and work on it every weekend up until December.

"It takes a lot of planning, it takes a lot of volunteers but also a lot of love to put into this," said Volunteer Ariadna Landa-Ortiz.

The display is free and open to the public. Donations are accepted and given to charity.

"We love it," said Jason Komadina of Livermore. "It’s beautiful right, to come down with the kids and see the lights. It’s a real fun thing to do during the holidays."

 Deacon Dave said he’s been asked to join light show competitions. He’s not interested. He said this is for the community.

"I want to see smiles and twinkling eyes not only in the children but the adults and senior citizens," said Rezendes.

The holiday light display is open every night until New Year’s night. The grand opening is Friday at 6:30 p.m. complete with a Christmas procession down Hillcrest Avenue.

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