Decomposed animals found in trash bags along Skyline Blvd. in Oakland

Oakland Animal Services has launched an investigation after the recent discovery of decomposed animals in trash bags along Skyline Boulevard.

Eric Zuercher with Oakland Animal Services said their agency picked up four bags of dead animals last weekend.

Two bags were found near Keller Avenue and Skyline. One bag contained two chickens with their head removed, which could be indicative of a ritualistic practice, according to Zuercher. The second bag contained dog bones and fur.

A third bag was found between Keller Avenue and Grass Valley on Skyline, which contained a raccoon. Zuercher said the raccoon did not have signs of trauma.

The fourth bag contained a decomposed dog that is believed to be a pit pull mix. Zuercher said the bag was found near Grass Valley and Skyline and the dog was emaciated.

“We did necropsies on the dogs and did not see signs of foul play,” he said. “There were no broken limbs or puncture marks.”

Although they do not suspect there is a serial animal killer on the loose, Zuercher said the agency has launched an investigation. They will be going door to door to ask residents if they have seen anything suspicious.

Oakland resident Frank Perez discovered that emaciated dog last week while walking his own dog.

“I went to go pick it up because I pick up the litter and then I saw a brown dog’s head sticking out of it,” he said.

He believes someone may not have known how to properly dispose of the animal.

“It’s disheartening, but between them getting hit by cars, strays, and dogs being dumped you kind of get used to it,” Perez said.

Another resident, Kari Kraus, discovered another dead dog about a month ago along Skyline near Keller Aveue. She took KTVU to the spot where bones were still visible.

“It’s very concerning and it’s very sad,” she said. “You don’t want to see a dead animal whether it’s on the side of the road or in a bag.”

KTVU spotted a trash bag in the same area which contained the remains of what appeared to be a dead skunk. Oakland Animal Services quickly came to remove it.

Zuercher said any Oakland resident can take dead animals to Oakland Animal Services so they can properly dispose of the remains.