Despite layoffs, one million California jobs remain open

Big name companies across California laid off workers over the last few months. But, even despite cutting jobs, executive outplacement company Challenger, Gray & Christmas says unemployment remains low. 

According to experts, layoffs more than doubled last month, but unemployment is only 3.7%, and continuing to decrease. 

The latest numbers show, there are 158 million people holding jobs in the U.S., approximately 18 million are in California, compared to 14 million at this time last year in the state.  

"Our economy continues to grow. The economic report, the GDP, is up even more than it was previously thought," President Joe Biden said. "We continue to create jobs, lots of jobs," 

Employment lawyer and former EDD Director, Michael Bernick, said the job market is proving to be surpassingly resilient, and underscore why the U.S. has not gone into a recession, yet.

Despite so many other negative economic indicators: tech layoffs, reduced home building and declining optimism among business folks and consumers, jobs keep coming at pay more that 5% higher than a year go. 

According to Bernick, more than the U.S. added 263,000 jobs across sectors.  

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New announcements in the past few weeks of lay-offs at Amazon, Ford Motors, and Walmart are mostly aimed at white collar positions.

"We're having really unprecedented shortages of direct care jobs, direct service jobs and certain blue collar jobs," Bernick said.

According to experts, despite a slowdown in new jobs, hiring will continue in California, especially.  

"[There are] over one million job openings here in California," Bernick said there are over one million job openings in California, despite a record number of resignations. 

Many employers want every employee to return to unperson work, but Bernick called that wishful thinking. 

"That's here. We're never going back and that is really the big tectonic change," Bernick said.