'Do we stay or do we go': Ruby Princess passengers face decision before ship departs

Passengers on a cruise ship that has been docked in San Francisco after it smacked into Pier 27 have a decision to make before the scheduled departure.

The Ruby Princess cruise ship is set to depart 4 p.m. Sunday, according to authorities, and over 3,000 passengers need to decide whether they want to stay or go.

As of Saturday morning, there were sparks and grinding noises coming from inside the hole where the ship was damaged. The cruise line has said the repairs have been completed, but that's not what people are seeing.

"I see a big hole in the boat that's supposed to leave tomorrow at four," said passenger Shannon Puuohau. "I'm a little nervous. I didn't realize that what it looks like. I thought it was finished, and we were ready to go."

The vacationers have been onboard since Thursday, eating, drinking and making use of ship amenities as it sits at the pier. They are free to get off the ship and explore San Francisco as they please.

"We're headed back to Sacramento and then coming back tomorrow," said Margaret Doyle-Leone. "We're not concerned about safety one bit. The Coast Guard is involved. Princess is very involved."

Guests have the option to cancel their cruise with a 100% refund, and they will also receive a 50% credit for a future trip. Passengers who want to continue their trip on the Ruby Princess will receive a 75% refund, and a 75% credit for a future voyage.

Shirley Bartel told KTVU she's sticking with the trip and claiming the discount.

"Why not, we paid for this one, and now we're going to get paid for the next one!" she told KTVU while venturing off the board for the day. "I have full faith we'll be safe."

Initially scheduled for a 10-day voyage to Alaska, the company has modified the trip to just 7 days due to the delayed departure.

"We're just excited to see Alaska, getting to any port is exciting enough," exclaimed passenger Sheryl Shepard.

The cause of the initial crash remains under investigation by the U.S. Coast Guard.