DoorDash delivery driver caught stealing package from Santa Clara complex

Frustrated residents in Santa Clara want to see stiffer penalties for thieves after another DoorDash delivery driver was caught on video stealing packages from porches. 

The lastest known package theft involving a delivery driver happened at a complex in Santa Clara on Lafayette Street. 

The crime on Dec. 7 was all captured on a high-definition surveillance system. 

Residents said the DoorDash delivery woman brought a meal to a man in the complex. Then after walking down the hallway, she waits for a bit, moves out of the camera's sight into a doorway where residents said she grabbed a package and walked off with it. 

The victim, who didn't want to appear on camera, said the package contained a calendar, laundry detergent, and razor blades. She said after communicating with neighbors, she realized the thief was a delivery person from DoorDash. 

"Through the HOA and the neighbors I found out who it was delivered to and who it was from," the woman said. "And the video was time-stamped." 

Residents at the complex said they are used to dealing with package thieves. 

Kent Clamenco with the homeowners association said one young man hit the complex twice in April. The first time he was on a scooter and was caught opening packages right on camera. 

Then later, clearly aware of the cameras, he still broke into mailboxes. 

Clamenco said he wants to see stiffer state laws. 

"I think if the California law, the penal law changed and made it a felony to steal packages like mail, then that would probably stop some of the thievery."