DoubleTree restaurant manager in Berkeley charged with drugging, raping guest

A restaurant manager at the DoubleTree Hotel in Berkeley has been fired and charged with drugging and raping a guest back in June, authorities said. 

Alameda County prosecutors charged 64-year-old Isaac Amiga with rape by use of drugs and rape of an unconscious person. 

Investigators said the woman was having dinner at The Berkeley Boathouse restaurant located inside the hotel.

"The employee ended up paying for her meal, her dinner, and then offered her a complimentary glass of wine," Officer Byron White said. "Shortly after she started to feel weird and she ended up blacking out." 

Police said Amiga sexually assaulted the woman in a hotel room after drugging her. 

"When she woke up, she was being sexually assaulted," White said. 

Amiga wasn't arrested until a few days before Christmas. 

"Detective ended up speaking with the suspect and obtaining some DNA evidence. After the results came back in he was arrested for rape," Officer White said. 

Police said the defendant should have been someone the woman could trust. 

"We always recommend that you don't accept drinks from people you don't know, but in this case, it's a restaurant supervisor or employee of a hotel so it's certainly unfortunate."

Amiga has since been fired. 

In a statement, the DoubleTree Hotel said: 

Kim Madden has been staying at the hotel for two nights and said she was shocked by the allegations. 

"That's not cool. You can't trust this hotel at all. Just in general, I would not recommend anyone staying here or eating here at all," she said. 

Although police don't know what substance was used to drug the woman, some are drawing parallels to a high-profile case. 

"It's sounding like it's a Bill Cosby," Gail Rigelhaupt of Oakland said. "Of course it's disturbing and it would be disturbing for any woman to imagine being taken advantage of."