Bulging bags atop car lead to stolen recyclables, weapon and drugs: police

A car traveling with two oversized bags strapped precariously to the roof led Livermore police to allegedly find stolen bottles and cans, brass knuckles and methamphetamine. 

Livermore police said they stopped a Chevy Impala last month because the giant bags on the roof were unsafe for driving. 

Upon closer inspection, police learned that the bags contained bottles and cans taken from a nearby recycling center. A third bag was found in the rear seat of the car. Police estimated the materials were worth $200, which were returned to the recycling center.

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In addition, the driver Denzel Green, 31, and passenger Jared Moynahan, 28, were each allegedly in possession of methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia. 

Moynahan also had brass knuckles and a stolen handicap placard, police said. 

The arrests were made on December 21, but police announced the bust on Wednesday.