Draymond Green responds to Boston's vulgar chant during NBA finals

Draymond Green has responded to Boston's vulgar chant about him during the NBA finals, by reminding them they lost.

In a tweet directed to a lead Boston fan, Barstool's David Portnoy, Green had one line: ‘Hold dat L sucka.’

The battle began when Celtics fans chanted "F--- you Draymond!" every time Green touched the ball throughout the finals. 

Steve Kerr and Warriors teammates came to Green's defense, calling the fans' taunting ‘real classy.’

Portnoy, a Boston fan and owner of online blog Barstool Sports, stirred the pot more by asking, ‘Is this better?' while wearing a shirt that said 'Draymond is a jerkface.’ 

Green held off on responding until the Warriors secured the championship victory Thursday night.

Fans ate up Green's response by adding memes about the controversy to the Twitterverse. One meme showed Green stealing a ring from a Celtics and Portnoy engagement scene, and another shows Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and Green in a victory dance.

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