Driver of dramatic Muni crash identified, driving record detailed

The driver of a Muni bus that careened down Lombard Street in San Francisco has been identified as 66-year-old Milton James.

The internal memo from Muni management to staff describes James as an excellent driver with “31 years of driving without a chargeable incident.”

Dramatic dash cam video captured the accident the morning of September 10, 2018. It shows the bus jumping a center divider, crossing oncoming lanes and slamming into a business and tree.

Four people were hurt, including three passengers with minor injuries. James was transported to Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital in critical condition. No pedestrians were hit. 

2 Investigates cross referenced Muni’s information on James’ driving record with the DMV. James has no collisions or violations on his record and his licenses are valid. 

Muni said James has 38 years of experience with the agency and is a recent Operator of the Month recipient. He also received a Safe Driver Award. 

The San Francisco Police Department has not released the cause of the accident.