Drumline's incredible performance goes viral and they didn’t even use drums

The Munford High School Band put on quite the spectacle over the weekend using only drumsticks, chairs and a gymnasium floor.

Comprised of over 200 students, grades nine through twelve, the band is respected as one of the most highly recognized groups in the Southeast.

In a viral video posted to Facebook by Angel McCann, drumline members delivered a synchronized jaw-dropping performance without the use of drums. 

McCaan's captions read: "They did the THANG!"

One of the band member’s is a sophomore and his name is Blaine Pittman, 15, and he is McCann’s son.

She told FOX 5 he has been a part of the nationally recognized music program for four years.

“I never miss an opportunity to video their performances because it is always spectacular, but I never imagined it would get this recognition.” McCann went on to say, “We knew this group was special and now the whole country knows! We are so proud of them.”

To date, the video has over 1,900,000 views and over 68,000 shares.