East Bay Tire Company sued over loud music blasted at homeless encampment

A tire company in San Rafael is facing a lawsuit from people in a nearby homeless encampment, over allegations the tire shop has been blasting loud music all night.

The lawsuit was filed in Marin County on Monday. 

People living at the encampment outside the East Bay Tire Company said over the last few days, there has been loud music playing starting at sundown.

They believe it is meant to try and get people to leave the encampment.

"It is so loud," said Courtney Huff, who used to live at the encampment. "I mean so loud. It's blaring. It makes your ears bleed. You can't hear yourself think. You can't have a conversation. I was here last night and I was crying."

A surveillance camera system has also been installed in the tire store parking lot, pointed at the encampment.

A court hearing is scheduled for Tuesday morning over a possible injunction to stop the music as the case works its way through the system.

The owner of the tire shop has not responded for comment.