Easy tips to start 2018 smokefree

One of the most common New Year’s resolutions people make is to quit smoking cigarettes. There are different methods of quitting for every smoker. Counseling, nicotine replacement therapy, acupuncture and hypnosis are just a few ways. But while you discover what method is right for you, here’s how to handle that all important first day -- Your Quit Day. 

According to Smokefree.gov, you’ll want to avoid the people, places, things and situations that trigger you to smoke. 

-Throw out all your cigarettes, lighters and ashtrays. 

-Lay off the caffeine and drink water instead. 

-Get plenty of rest

-Eat healthy. Cigarettes don’t go as well with a salad as they do a burger and beer, right?

-Change up your routine. This will help you avoid things associated with your daily smoking habits. 

You’ll also need some help to keep your mind and body busy to fend off the cravings.

- Exercise. Hitting the gym will help your lungs get healthier, but even a walk around the neighborhood will do. 

-Chew gum or hard candy.

-Use a toothpick or pen to keep your hands busy.

-Take a deep breath. A little relaxation and meditation can do wonders. 

-Spend time with non-smoking friends. 

Speaking of your friends, you’ll need some support from them. Don’t be shy, and tell friends and family about how you’re quitting so they can help you when you need some positivity. 

You can also stay positive by treating yourself to a reward when you get to 24 hours without a cigarette. 

And if you fail that’s okay -- Just try, try again. According to the American Lung Association, it takes the average smoker 6 to 11 quit attempts before they are completely smokefree. 

Watch the video to see how to start the year smokefree.