Elderly man saves wife from club-beating, burglary attempt

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It's a great story of a husband's heroic actions towards his wife out of the South Bay, especially when you consider that Yousef Youkhaneh is in his 80s, and the woman he fought off is more than 30 years younger.

While many call him a hero, he says he was just doing what a husband should do.

"I have duty for protect my family, my home, myself," he said. 

Youkhaneh says his call to duty came late Sunday afternoon. Suspect Rehnu Singh allegedly tried to break into a back window of their home while Yousef was inside.

His wife of 53 years, Christina, came outside and was attacked with an 18-inch club.. The savage beating left blood splattered on the backdoor.

"I just bend over to put the shoes on and then, bum, bum...and, 'Oh my god!' and because that one was there (motions to hand), she hit my hand," said Christina, her head bandages still soaked with blood.

Hearing his wife scream, Yousef sprang into action. He hurried outside, confronted the attacker, and put a up a pitched battle, starting at the rear of their house on McKee Road and ending all the way in the front.

"More than 10 minute, we fight with each other. She was like tiger, really! Very strong," said Yousef, showing the bruises on his arms.

Despite a 32-year disadvantage in age, and suffering bites and scratch wounds, Yousef fended off the attacker, holding on to her ankle until Santa Clara County sheriff's deputies arrived.

"It's one of those stories where we as deputies see this man as a hero. 82-years-old, defended his wife and actually apprehended a burglar, " said sergeant Rich Glennon of the Santa Clara County Sherrif's Office.

50-year-old Rehnu Singh is being held without bail in the county jail. She's charged with attempted burglary, assault with a deadly weapon, elder abuse, and parole violation.

Deputies see Yousef as a hero, and took time to bask in his limelight.. His wife Christina, apparently has a higher standard for heroism.

"Your husband saved you. he caught the person who did this to you," said KTVU reporter Jesse Gary, somewhat surprised by her nonchalant attitude..

"Yeah, but she was running away anyway," Christina responded. She needed 18 stitches after the attack. 

But thanks to the valiant efforts of an 82-year-old Iranian immigrant, the criminal was caught and is now behind bars. 

"With all of my power, I (catch) no good people.  That's my take," said Yousef.

He  says his wife is headed to Los Angeles to spend time with their son and grandson.

Rehnu Singh's arraignment is slated for June 1. Deputies say she has a prior conviction for a similar crime.