Elliott Dugan: Man accused of stealing Lamborghini, leading Los Angeles police chase dies after crash

A man is dead after crashing a Lamborghini during a high-speed police chase in Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles Police Department pulled over 51-year-old Elliott Dugan a little after 5 a.m. on April 6 in the 18500 block of Sherman Way in the San Fernando Valley. In one of the body cameras shared by LAPD, officers were heard accusing Dugan of stealing the Lamborghini Huracán he was in. 

In the exchange between Dugan and the officers, the Lambo driver vehemently denied stealing the car. After repeatedly refusing to hop out of the car, Dugan took off with the Lamborghini and a police chase ensued.

According to LAPD, Dugan broke 100 mph at one point during the police chase. At the tail end of what ended up being a very short chase, Dugan hit a center median and hit multiple trees near the intersection of Vanalden Avenue and Sherman Way in Reseda.

Dugan flew out of the car and the driver was pronounced dead at the scene, LAPD said. Police say the high-speed chase lasted only a couple of seconds.

Officials did not say how Dugan ended up in the Lamborghini. LAPD said the debris that ended up flying because of the crash caused damage to multiple cars that were parked along Sherman Way.

The deadly crash remains under investigation.