Emeryville police revive overdose victim using Naloxone

An Emeryville police officer on Saturday administered the prescription medication Naloxone to a person who appeared to have been experiencing an opioid overdose, police said.

The officer was flagged down Saturday to help a man who was unresponsive and lying on the sidewalk. The officer noticed the man's shallow breathing and a weak pulse as symptoms of an opioid overdose and administered Naloxone. The man's breathing improved, and he became responsive to the officers. 

The man was then taken to a local hospital for medical attention, police said.

Police departments throughout the Bay Area have trained their officers on the recognition of an opioid overdose and supplied their officers with Naloxone. 

Emeryville police said Saturday that calling 911 for assistance with a drug ingestion issue won't result in any criminal charges for being under the influence of an illegal substance.