Environmental group blasts billionaire-backed plan for new city in Solano County

An influential environmental group voiced its opposition to a billionaire-backed plan for a utopian city in rural Solano County.

The Sierra Club said the plan to transform more than 60,000 acres between Fairfield and Rio Vista ignores years of planning and a voter-approved initiative for orderly growth in Solano County.


California Forever: 1st tour of Solano County land bought for $800M under mysterious circumstances

For the first time, we're getting a tour of the massive land in Solano County that was purchased under mysterious circumstances.

The Sierra Club on Tuesday denounced Flannery Associates' "clandestine possession" of the land in eastern Solano County for the project called "California Forever."

"By ignoring the current voter-approved uses of land that Flannery has acquired in order to jack their investments, economic return is nothing short of a hostile takeover," said Princess Washington, chair of the Sierra Club's Solano chapter.

An all-star roster of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and venture capitalists are backing the project, including philanthropist Laurene Powell Jobs, LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman, and venture capitalist Marc Andreessen. Jan Sramek, a former Goldman Sachs trader, is spearheading the project, though he ducked scrutiny for years as to who was behind the secretive $800 million land-buying spree.


Billionaires' plan for Solano County utopian city faces big hurdles

A billionaire-backed plan to transform 55,000 acres of land into a utopian oasis in Solano County faces a significant hurdle, according to county officials in a press release issued on Wednesday.

"California Forever was created to bring back the California Dream," according to a website about the project. "We want to do that by building a new community, solar farms, and a greenbelt of agriculture and habitat in eastern Solano County."

The group said the creation of the new community would bring thousands of jobs, pathways to homeownership for middle-class families, and safe neighborhoods at a time when housing in the Bay Area is increasingly unaffordable to many.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.