Excitement in Marin Co. ahead of native Jared Goff's Super Bowl appearance

This Sunday's Superbowl is igniting excitement in Marin County, where Rams quarterback Jared Goff grew up and played high school football.

Thursday morning, the student body of Marin Catholic High School assembled in formation on the football field to spell out the message "GO GOFF" as a drone flew overhead.

The video was shared with Goff in Atlanta, just days away from the NFL championship.

"He's really a genuine guy, just happy-go-lucky, one of the guys," Goff's former coach Mazi Moayed told KTVU. "He just is who he is and that's what makes him great. He never looked to other people and just focuses on being who he is."

Some students have also met their famous alumni.

"He has shown up on campus, and immediately, everyone is so excited," said senior Dylan Joyce, "because we have pictures of him all around and we take a lot of pride in him for sure." 

But Novato, 20 minutes north of Kentfield, is Goff's hometown and where his parents still live. "They're a wonderful family and he's just such a stellar young man and great role model," said resident Dixie Weidner, in downtown Novato where several  businesses have Goff banners on display. "It's the big talk in town," added Weidner, "with this first-timer going up against this old-timer, so it can't get much better." 

Goff attended Pleasant Valley Elementary School and Sinaloa Middle School, and both have posted messages of support and pride at their campuses. 

Meanwhile, the mayors of Novato and San Mateo, where Tom Brady grew up, have a friendly wager riding on the final Superbowl score. 

"I can't wait for Mayor Lucan to have to spend some money crossing the bridge to come to San Mateo," joked San Mateo Mayor Diane Papan, speaking via Facetime alongside Novato's Eric Lucan. 

The mayor whose quarterback wins, agrees to make a donation to the other's charity of choice, and also personally present a gift basket of local wares at their rival's city council meeting.  

"We will graciously accept all of the fruits of this wager, we can't wait!," challenged Papan.

But Lucan, wearng a blue and gold Goff tee shirt, expressed equal confidence.

"I have no intention of visiting San Mateo anytime soon," he smiled, "but it's remarkable these two quarterbacks playing 3,000 miles away grew up 45 miles from each other." 

Jared, his sister Lauren, and parents Jerry and Nancy are all Marin natives.

Local viewing parties will be especially crowded because of that connection.   

"Jared tends to stop by when he's in town, and his parents were here a few weeks ago," noted Dara Gaylord, General Manager of Finnegan's Marin, a restaurant and bar in downtown Novato.

Finnegan's menu offers a "Goff Burger" which features bacon, avocado and pepper jack cheese, and is particularly popular lately.  "And Jared likes to eat it when he comes in, so that's really cool," added Gaylord.  

Finnegan's owner says despite the spotlight, he expects Goff to remain unfazed. 

"Maybe down in LA, people bug him a little more, but up here, he's just the hometown kid," said Henry Hautau," and such a nice kid, so approachable." 

As for Goff's chances of dethroning veteran Brady ? 

"Jared's got that big line in front of him, helping him and keeping him unflappable," said Hautau, "so I think he's got a good shot this weekend." 

Mayor Lucan expressed the ultimate optimism heading into Sunday's contest. "Tom Brady may have been there many times, but our local hometown quarterback has never lost a Superbowl!"