Families file claim in San Jose after historic Coyote Creek flooding

Six families filed a claim Wednesday against San Jose, Santa Clara County and the water district almost six months after Coyote Creek flooded parts of the South Bay.

The group held a news conference on Thursday in the Rock Springs neighborhood regarding the damage they say historic flood caused. They allege the public agencies should have done more to warn people who live in the flood-prone areas near the Anderson Reservoir. Even today, 120 people have not been able to return home, confirmed Ahmad Chapman, of San Jose’s housing department.

In February, thousands of people had to evacuate their homes as the reservoir caused Coyote Creek to overflow its banks. Damage was estimated to be in the tens of millions of dollars.

A spokesperson for San Jose sent a statement reading in part, "The city received claims for damages yesterday," and the city attorney is reviewing the claims and declines further comment at this time.