Family: Woman killed after gravel truck tipped over was pregnant

MARTINEZ, Calif. (KTVU) -- A woman who was killed after a gravel truck tipped over onto her car was two months pregnant, according to her family. 

A bouquet of roses and a few candles were left Monday night near the scene of the freak accident that claimed the life of the 32-year old Martinez woman.

Police said shortly after 1 p.m. Monday, a gravel truck tipped over along Shell Avenue near Pine Street, crushing a car parked in a driveway and killing the woman inside.

Friends and family identified the victim as Lindsey Combs. Relatives told KTVU Combs was a great mother to her young daughter and will be greatly missed. Combs worked as a stylist at Sport Clips Hair Salon, they said.

Neighbor Peggy Hagerthy and her son Travis were home at the time and said they heard a loud, horrendous noise.

"It was terrible. It was like metal on metal scraping real loud, and men yelling," said Peggy Hagerthy.

Peggy said she called 911 while her son ran outside to help.

"A few of us tried to dig her out of the car, and I told the guy to get the backhoe and try to lift the trailer off the car, but the backhoe wasn't strong enough to lift the trailer off the car," said Travis Hagerthy.

The owner of the trucking company who sub-contracted the driver of the tractor trailer said an accident like this is his worst nightmare. He also said the driver was experienced.

"[He's a] very good driver. He's been with me for 25 years. Excellent record, terrific guy, family man, great guy," said Gregory Menna, of Greg's Trucking.

Neighbors tell us the city had been working on sidewalk upgrades.

According to Cal OSHA, a worker may have asked the victim to move her car just before the accident happened.

Crews had to use heavy equipment to lift the trailer up off of the car to get the woman's body out. They then stabilized the trailer to get it and the car removed from the scene.

Police are investigating and said they plan to re-map the accident as part of the investigation.

A fund has been set up for Lindsey Combs memorial fund.