Fans flock to South Bay for new Star Wars movie premiere

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Sci-Fi fans from across the galaxy and Bay Area are converging on local movie theaters for the local premier of Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

The anticipation, and promise surrounding the latest installment of Star Wars draws the faithful and those strong with the Force.

"It taught me everything about life. how to love, how to fight for what I believe in no matter what," said moviegoer David Roldan, who whore a Star Wars shirt..

The franchise has also created a clothing trend, with some moviegoers dressing as characters for the occasion.

"It's a whole part of the experience. because I wore it to school today too," said Emily Virgnetti, who dressed as Princess Leia. Another attendee, Josh Hoffman, dressed as an Imperial Stormtroopers.

"I've loved Star Wars since I was a little kid, and I still do, and why not," said Hoffman. 

The transformation and transportation for some, into a fictional galaxy far, far, away begins at costume shops such as Natasha's Attic in San Jose. Star Wars merchandise is creating a tangential business boom.

"I think people in the Bay Area love to dress up and this is one other way that the can kind of show that they're big fans is by dressing up," said manager Katie Ramirez.

Managers here at Natasha's attic say they've had Star Wars fans coming in all day to either rent costumes, or supplement their existing costumes.

This Rey outfit is light, comfortable and ready for rental. Before racing to the theater at light speed, a stop at the Star Wars-themed 7-Stars bar and grill. Patrons are grabbing drinks ahead of an early "last call." Owner Paul Cunha has rented out an entire movie theater, and will close up so he can catch the local premier..

"This is pretty much a holiday type event for us. so we always go all-out and do as much as we can for the movie," said Cunha.

With costumes and Star Wars clothing on, and tickets in hand, it's time to see if "Last Jedi" will be the latest hit in this ongoing saga," said Emily Virgnetti.

"I am so excited. I am so excited. I am so excited," said Emily Virgnetti as she raced to her seat as the movie started.

Critics say Episode 8 is on par with Empire Strikes Back, but we'll have to see if it breaks any box office records over the holidays.