Father of quadruplets who lost mother at birth celebrates 1st Father's Day

PHOENIX (KSAZ) -Carlos Morales' wife died from labor complications after giving birth to quadruplets. Now, we see what fatherhood is like after the unspeakable tragedy.

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It was Father's Day, but for the father of four babies it's like any other day.

"Any time I walk out of my room, [I] walk around [and] make sure how many babies I got," said Morales.

Feeding time, sleeping schedules, even keeping the quadruplets in their right cribs. His children consume every hour since Carlos Morales first brought the babies to their Phoenix home from the hospital.

His wife-- the love of his life-- Erica Morales, died just hours after giving birth. Carlos says it's days like these he knows his wife would have made special.

"She would be happy, dancing around trying to do something for me that I always thought don't do nothing for me another day."

Morales says now it's teamwork raising 5 month olds Tracy, Carlos Jr., Paisley and little Erica.

His mother-in-law Sondra Bridges lives with him full time, and other family and friends have also stepped in to help.

"He's a wonderful father," says Bridges.  "He's just the same as he would have been when she was here."

"I want them to know that I'm a regular guy looking out for them and make sure they feel special because they are special to me and they will always be special to me," Morales said.

It wasn't the picture perfect Father's Day, but it was a perfect day for this father, nonetheless. He counts his blessing every day, all four of them.

"Stay over here all day and play with them. Watch them cry and smile, yeah that's the perfect day for me," says Morales. "This is my perfect day right here, all these four little ones."

"A family friend has set up a GoFundme account to help provide financial aid to the quadruplets. You can donate here: