Feral cat and bear form unusual friendship

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A black feral cat and black bear have formed an unusual friendship at the Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary.

Zookeeper Amy Van Der Molen calls the cat "Little Bear." The cat has been around the exhibit, and friends with an 18-year-old bear named Seqouia for the past seven years.

The friendship took a little while to form. Little Bear was curious and kept getting closer to Seqouia. As Little Bear inched closer, Seqouia accepted her.

Another bear named Tahoe also lives in the exhibit.

Although both bears will go after free roaming birds that fly into the exhibit, they have always been gentle toward Little Bear.

Little Bear spends about six to eight hours in and around the exhibit with her friend Seqouia. The zookeepers leave food out for Little Bear and she comes and goes as she pleases. They say although Little Bear steers clear of the zookeepers, "she loves her friend."