Film fallout over Marshawn Lynch's life story

OAKLAND, Calif. (KTVU) - NFL star and Oakland native Marshawn Lynch's life story was made into a movie last year, but now it appears it's unlikely it'll ever be shown in theaters.

The film chronicle's Lynch's life and rise to stardom in the NFL.

The filmmaker released a promotion of the film on YouTube and a short while later, Lynch decided he didn't want the film shown.

KTVU spoke with the Bay Area film maker who made the movie with Lynch to get his side of the story.

KTVU also went to Albany Bowl Friday evening where Lynch's Fam 1st foundation held a fundraiser.

It was a night for fans to give to the 28 year old's charity.

"We're big Seahawks supporters. We're really excited to meet Marshawn," said Laura Ito of Martinez.

Lynch did not show up at the fundraiser while a KTVU crew was there.

In March of 2014, in a one-on-one interview with KTVU, he talked about his life and his work with underprivileged children from a background similar to his.

"From five years old, having your home boys getting killed at that age, it prepares you for a lot," said Lynch at the time.

On Friday night, Mario Bobino, who was a family friend of Lynch's says he agreed to write and direct the football star's life story last year.

"He asked me to do his movie. I didn't solicit him," said Bobino.

Lynch acted in the film along with hundreds of local people hired for it.

Bobino says when he released this promo about the film entitled "Family First," without Lynch's permission - and that angered Lynch.

"Which I apologized for... which I shouldn't have done. But I was just happy about the film," said Bobino.

The filmmaker says he never heard from Lynch himself, that Lynch didn't like the film.

The director says it was the running back's agent who said the film was terrible.

Bobino says he owns the copyright to the script and the film. But without Lynch's permission, a film about Lynch's life story cannot be released.

"I do have some hope that we can salvage the friendship and salvage the film," said Bobino.

Fans at Lynch's charity event at the Albany Bowl say they would be interested in seeing a film about the football star's life.

"I just want to see him growing up here in Oakland," said Jess Gonzales of Union City.

Lynch's PR person at the charity event and others who work for him tell  KTVU Lynch will not answer questions about the movie.

Bobino said the film had a $100,000 budget.