First sign of West Nile Virus in Marin County this year is detected

Marin County has just seen its first sign of West Nile Virus this year.

Health officials say a dead crow found at Smith Ranch Road and Yosemite Road in San Rafael, tested positive for West Nile.

The Marin-Sonoma Mosquito and Vector Control District says this discovery indicates that the potentially deadly virus is active in Marin County.

To limit the threat, the District released a set of recommendations.

Report mosquito problems or any area that could be producing mosquitos at 1-800-231-3236.

Stock backyard ponds or other permanent water features with mosquitofish.

Report dead birds to the West Nile Virus hotline at 1-877-968-2473.

Wear mosquito repellent when outdoors at dusk and dawn. The repellent must contain one of the following

ingredients: DEET, Picardin, oil of lemon eucalyptus, or IR3535.