Fisher-Price launches work-from-home toy set for preschoolers that features headset and wooden smartphone

As many parents continue to work remotely amid the coronavirus pandemic, Fisher-Price is inviting preschoolers to follow in their at-home footsteps.

The toy chain unveiled a “My Home Office Set” that features a laptop with four fabric “apps,” a smartphone, a headset for calls and a coffee cup, according to a press release. Priced at $24.99, the toy set is available to purchase in stores and online.

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“Better grab a latte to go, that report is due this morning and there’s a call with the dog across the street after naptime. With the Fisher-Price® My Home Office set, your preschooler is the boss of their own work stationat home, the local coffee shop, or the moon,” according to a description for the toy

Fisher Price thumb

The "My Home Office Set" is priced at $24.99. (Credit: Fisher-Price)

In April, the toy company released the #ThankYouHeroes line that featured that paid tribute to doctors, nurses, EMTs, and additional health care and frontline workers amid the pandemic.

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Schools, as well as day care centers, are reopening in many areas across the country. For parents and preschoolers who are still at home, the Harvard Graduate School of Education provides tips for caring for preschoolers during this time.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also provides suggestions to parents on helping children learn at home, including staying in touch with school staff, creating a flexible schedule and learning routine and looking for ways to make learning fun.