Flags fly at half staff in honor of slain officer Tara O'Sullivan

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The flag in front of College Park High School in Pleasant Hill flies at half staff in honor of 26-year-old Officer Tara O'Sullivan, the officer killed in the line of duty in Sacramento on Wednesday. 

She graduated just eight yeras ago. Her yearbook photos highlight her on the soccer team and in a ceramics class.

Later she attended Diablo Valley College, which put out a statement:

"We are proud of her success and of her choice to serve, protect and give back to her community. We are heartbroken that her life was taken at such a young age."

In Martinez, where O'Sullivan grew up, police officers are wearing a black ribbon of mourning over the badges.

Neighbors are devastated that the girl who was so friendly could have her life end so quickly.

"Her parents were very proud of her to see her go as far as she did. She had a wonderful family. It will be a big loss for them," said neighbor Judy Gadd.

"Outgoing, bubbly. Always in a good mood. A go- getter. Whatever she wanted to do she went for it," said Kathy Jackson who lived across the street. 

As a teenager O'Sullivan had joined the Martinez-Pleasant Hill Police Explorers Club. Martinez  police issued this statement.  

"Tara O’Sullivan will always be remembered as a vibrant, energetic and passionate community servant who rose through the ranks as an explorer sergeant and served the community with purpose."

Sacramento Deputy Police Chief Dave Peletta said she had the willingness to help and clearly wanted to do her job.

"She's going to be truly missed," said Jackson.