Flashback Friday: July 8th, 1991

This week we're taking a look back at July 8th of 1991.

Santa Cruz shark attack

Eric Larsen was attacked by a shark off the coast of Santa Cruz. "I was sitting there with my legs dangling off each side of the board and then I felt this incredible clamping feeling like I was just caught in a vice on the left leg and it spun me off my board into the water and I think what I did then was I tried to pry his jaw open to get him off me."

Doctors say he suffered cuts on his arms and left legs. He made his way to the beach where Larson, am expert skier and triathlon athlete used his training to tell those who came to his aid how to keep him alive.
His physical fitness and ability to keep his wits, saved his life.

Drug Bust

Federal agents in San Francisco had another historic drug bust to announce today. They seized 852 kilos - nearly one ton of cocaine. They said the cocaine would have been worth $100 million on the street. One of the suspects was delivering a load of cocaine. Police pulled him over on a traffic violation and impounded the car full of cocaine and then let him think he was escaping from them. If fact, authorities say they substituted sugar for the cocaine as soon as it arrived in the Bay Area.

Saddam Hussein

Saddam Hussein promised to cooperate with the United Nations and allow inspectors free access Iraqi nuclear plants, concerned the world community was once again about to mobilize. Saddam Hussein sent a message. He was now promising prompt and unimpeded access to nuclear facilities and was guaranteeing the safety of UN inspectors. The Bush administration believed Saddam was merely playing for time. The administration was already planning with allies for what was being called Gulf War 2.