Flooding closes Civic Center BART station

The storm already creating snags with the early evening commute.  BART riders out of San Francisco found Civic Center Station closed for about an hour.

The flooding started sometime before 2:30pm and lasted about an hour. Engineers from BART and 
MUNI are working to figure out exactly where the water was coming from.

Meanwhile, San Francisco is preparing some low-lying areas such as the intersection of Folsom and 17th St.

The city's public utilities crews checking on flood barricades at the intersection homes and busiensses in the past have flooded. But, say it's been much better since the city rolled out the flood baricades.

Many around san francisco say so far they're looking at this storm as a good thing. "I think it's good, we definitely need it. It's hard in areas like this that flood. But, it's great to see that the city is preparing for it," said Kelly Wang.

Meanwhile the city is gearing up crews tell KTVU they expect things to get a lot busier as this storm builds in intesity tonight