Florists see Mother's Day boost in business

With Mother's Day fast approaching, merchants such as florists and restaurants are seeing the expected boom in business.

Merchants in Walnut Creek Friday evening, were preparing for Sunday.

The Flower Bowl on Boulevard Circle is family owned. Orders started coming in for Mother's Day two weeks ago. The owner says this holiday is his busiest. 

"I'd like to say everybody has a mother, but not everybody has a lover," said JR Cude who has owned the shop for 30 years. 

As of noon Friday, JR says he stopped taking custom arrangement orders. He says peonies are popular,"because they're fragrant and beautiful and last a long time." 

And they're expensive, four times the price of roses in part because they're hard to grow.

Yet, he says he sold out the day he got them. 

JR says 85 flower deliveries were made Friday and that more than 100 deliveries will go out Saturday.

About a mile away at 54 Mint Forno Italiano on Locust Street, the owner tells KTVU he's all booked up for Saturday and Sunday.

He also says Mother's Day is his busiest of the year, even surpassing Valentine's Day.  

"In general for dinner ony, not so much for lunch. It's a dinner time celebration. But Mother's Day, they celebrate all day long," said Daniele Carsano, the restaurant's owner. 
The ladies at one table were celebrating Friday night. 

"We came here with my mom and with my sisters tonight, to take my mom out for Mother's Day 
since she has to work this weekend," said Gina Summers of Concord. 

Summers' mother became emotional as she told KTVU she has the greatest gift of all: her three daughters. 
"It's a privilege and an honor to be a mom," said Debbie Kopp of Concord,"I just think how well they've turned out, how beautiful they are, what they've given back to me." 

Kopp's daughter Raina Whitehead had her first child three and a half months ago.

She says Mother's Day now has new meaning. 

"I've always celebrated with mom. But now, I feel like I really have something to celebrate myself," said Whitehead. 

The National Retail Federation predicts that this year consumer spending on Mother's Day will be strong. It says on average, each person will spend $180 on gifts. 

Flowers are always popular and the florist who spoke with KTVU can attest to that. 

"It's been rock solid all week. I've spent the entire week with the phone attached to my ear," said JR. 

Flower Bowl is normally closed Sundays, but not this Sunday. It will be open for pickups and walk-ins. 
Happy Mother's Day!