Flyers call San Francisco supervisor a 'Communist pedophile'

Flyers calling San Francisco Supervisor Gordon Mar a "Communist pedophile popped up on small businesses in his district, the Sunset, over the weekend. 

Someone placed the offensive flyers over his campaign signs. He's running for a second term in November. 

"What was shocking about it was the inflammatory language," Mar said someone put up  the offensive flyers under the cover of darkness Saturday night at various small businesses along three busy commercial areas:  Irving, Noriega and Taraval Streets.  

Mar said he found out Sunday when supporters  texted him photos. 

"These flyers reflect how emboldened the far right forces are right now throughout the country," Mar said.

He suspects this smear campaign  is the work of people who oppose his support of the LGBTQ community. 

He said being accused of grooming children and being a pedophile are labels used by anti-LGBTQ activists.  

Mar said he was attacked in a similar way last year when he supported housing for moderate to low income families. 

Back then, someone put up flyers that read "No slums in the Sunset" and used  the same hammer and sickle symbols of the Communist party.    

Leanna Louie and Joel Engardio, Mar's opponents in the November's election for District 4 supervisor, condemn the flyers.  

Mar said business owners are checking surveillance videos to see if there are clues as to whose responsible.  

Neighbors in the area were upset. 

On Wednesday evening, a neighbor removed one of those flyers. 

"Very upsetting to see this kind of bad word,"said Lily Bautista, co-owner of The Mochi Donut Shop, on Irving Street.   

"If they want to put up their own campaign sign next to the current campaign sign, but don't put it over. That's just messing with democracy," said Ethan Sargeant, a Sunset District resident.  
Mar said he has not filed a police report. 

"These really offensive and shocking flyers were put up by somebody in my neighborhood.  This is not the Sunset District I know and love where I'm raising my daughter and neighbors have each others back," said Mar.  

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