For the Sharks, Stanley Cup is now in reach

It's the San Jose Sharks' first trip to the Stanley Cup Finals and fans are in a frenzy. They say they've waited 25 years for this.

Before the doors even opened, there was a line at the Sharks Team Store.

And once inside, fans scooped up championship merchandise, as fast as staff could stock it.

"It's the 25th anniversary, it's our year for the cup," says fan Larissa Ramirez.

The Stanley Cup is now in reach. The Clarence Campbell Bowl is proudly on display. That's the trophy they earned last night with their Western Conference win.

"A lot of people are supporting the team and it's good to see. A lot of fair weather fans though," says fan Ken Milliet.

Some new fans have joined the fold. Some longtime ones are dealing with divided loyalites.

"So tonight is a Warriors do or die. Sharks bless their hearts oh my gosh we're here oh my gosh," says fan Terri Griggs.

Hiding in plain sight today was Joe Pavelski, who did stop to take photos with fans.

"He came walking back so we were like can you take a selfie?" says Meaghan Hurley.

It was a bright spot for fans hoping for tickets to the finals. Elizabeth Henry got in line at 7:30 am, hoping for a shot to buy some.

"I told my husband, if they make it to the Stanley Cup, honey, we're going," says Henry.

But season ticket holders and corporate sponsors got first crack at them. That meant lots of new season ticket holders signed up today.

"I walked by our switchboard today and it was lighting up pretty good," says Jim Sparaco with the San Jose Sharks.

And by the time they opened up for general sale, only a handful of tickets for Games 1 and 2 were left. The cost: between $250 and 690-dollars a pop.

"I got up there and they said they didn't have any more tickets left," says fan Bill Bucho, who wants to take his 13-year old son to the game.

Home games 1 and 2 sold out immediately. Fans were told to go online for possible home games 3 and 4.
Elizabeth Henry, first in line, was one of the lucky ones.

"Woo hoo! Yes! I only got two. I could only afford two. Sorry son, I'm very sorry. But happy anniversary," Henry said to her husband. He calls this a dream come true.

Now fans are just waiting to see who the Sharks will be playing and which days the home games will be scheduled. That will be determined after the Penguins and Lightning face off tonight.