Fremont restaurant serving up free meals to first responders

Some businesses and individuals are stepping up to help first responders and healthcare workers dealing with the pandemic. On Thursday night, Spin-A-Yarn Restaurant in Fremont provided 40 free meals to police officers.

The owners delivered bags filled with hot free meals of chicken piccata, rice, vegetables, and salad. It’s comfort food in a time of crisis when these officers not only have to protect the city but protect themselves.

“Like the rest of the community, the officers are worried about their families and their own individual heath as well as the community,” said Lt. Julie Cochrane of Fremont Police. “What this means to us is that we are being supported by our community by our community restaurant.”

“I think they deserve it because when you need somebody in an emergency they are always there for us,” said Saki Kavouniaris, owner of Spin A Yarn Steakhouse.

The restaurant has been in business in Fremont for nearly 70 years. The owners have never seen a crisis like this.

“This is different,” said Saki Kavouniaris. “I’ve never been through this before.”

Still open for takeout and delivery, like most restaurants, the steakhouse has taken a big-time financial hit. The staff has been cut down to half. Despite the losses they knew more could be gained by lending a hand.

“They are not our healthcare workers, they are healthcare soldiers,” said Spin A Yarn Steakhouse Owner Jennifer Kavouniaris. “They are literally fighting the front lines for us. The least we can do is show up with hot food for them.”

They set up a GoFundMe account. Donations cover the cost of the ingredients alone. The restaurant owners eating up wages, delivery and other costs. It’s way to keep some workers employed.

“There’s a lot of people in the restaurant business that live check to check,” said Saki Kavouniaris. “They need $100 a day in order to survive.”

So far, the restaurant has provided 160 meals to firefighters, ER doctors and nurses and there’s plans to provide hundreds of more free meals.

“It’s heartwarming,” said Jennifer Kavouniaris. “It just makes you want to get up and do it all over again because to get through these times you guys I’m telling you service is the only way to go. Just give back. It passes the time, it helps people and we are really making a difference out there.”

On Friday, they plan to provide 60 lunches for the police department. They rotate between the fire, police and healthcare workers. The restaurant is providing these free meals until April 7 or longer if needed.