Fremont Street reopens following discovery of cracked beams at Salesforce Transit Center

Fremont Street, which has been closed between Howard and Mission Streets in downtown San Francisco since Sept. 25 after cracks were discovered in a steel beam in the Salesforce Transit Center, reopened for the Monday morning commute.

The off-ramp bus lane remains closed, however, according to 511. 

Though the street was reopened, the Salesforce Transit Center itself will remain closed for the near future, according to the Transbay Joint Powers Authority. Transit operators will continue to provide bus service out of the "Temporary Transbay Terminal" at Howard and Main streets.   

The discovery of the first fissure in a steel beam in the ceiling of the third-level bus deck on the eastern side of the Salesforce Transit Center near Fremont Street prompted a temporary closure of the building and of Fremont Street underneath it. Additional inspections revealed a second fissure at the Fremont Street location   The First Street side of the Salesforce Transit Center also will be reinforced as a proactive measure. Testing and ongoing monitoring show no fissures on steel beams on the First Street, which have the same basic design as the beams of the Fremont Street side, the TJPA said.

Crews will work on First Street-side shoring work between 9 p.m. and 5 a.m. to minimize traffic impacts; no nighttime roadway closures of First Street are scheduled.

Transit information is available at 511 or