French bulldog stolen from Richmond backyard

Murdock Street neighbors Kerry Moriarty and Deena Love said they were surprised to see a pack of French Bulldogs blocking a delivery truck from entering a driveway. 

“The driver was honking and the bulldogs were making grunting noises,” said Love. 

"We saw a few dogs and [Love] and I said 'Ok, let's see what we can do' and then the owner showed up at the same time,” said Moriarty. 

Richmond Police said the owner’s home surveillance cameras kicked on to record a dog-napping from her backyard. 

"The victim had surveillance and actually got an alert on her phone that there was movement in her backyard,” said Sgt. Lynette Parker.

The theft happened on Wednesday at 10:30 in the morning. Surveillance video shows a man enter the backyard and open the dog kennel. Four dogs and a puppy exit out of the kennel. The man picks up and leaves with the tan colored 16 month-old French Bulldog. The back gate was left open and the remaining dogs ran out of the property. 

Moriarty and Love helped the owner get the remaining dogs back into the kennel, but the tan French Bulldog has not been found. 

"It's really, really crummy,” Moriarty said the dogs never barked and she had no idea they were living there. 
“Just to have someone invade your property doesn't feel good and we all wonder how does someone even know about the dogs being there."

Richmond Police said the stolen French Bulldog is registered in Contra Costa County, but is not micro-chipped. Sgt. Parker said the owner is distressed. 

"That's why we're asking the public to please help us,” said Sgt Parker. “Pets are family. We want them to be reunited as soon as possible."