Frustration mounting over RVs parked on Tully Road in San Jose

Some business owners in San Jose said they are frustrated with a growing number of RVs parked on Tully Road. One business owner said the RVs parked outside his shop is costing him money.

“I feel frustrated because it doesn't give a good image to the business,” said AAA Collision Owner Rafael Gurrolo.

Gurrolo said the RVs began parking on Tully Road a month ago. Since then, he's dealt with trash and safety concerns. According to him, customers have stayed away.

“We’ve been losing business ever since they came,” said Gurrolo. “I would say at least 30 percent.”

On Tully Road, at least a dozen RVs span two-tenths of a mile. Signs are posted stating no parking between 12 a.m. and 5 a.m. Gurrolo said the RVs are parked here 24/7.

Arlene Gonzales lives in one of the RVs. She said her sister's health isn't doing too well and her father just passed away. Like so many people in the Bay Area, she is struggling financially.

“It’s finances right now that are holding us back,” said Gonzales.

“We are in an extraordinary housing crisis in our city, in our region, in our state,” said Ragan Henninger, deputy director of the City of San Jose’s Housing Department.

She said, the last census reported 1,000 people living in a car or RV on any given day in San Jose.  The cost of housing outpaces wages.

“In the last four years in the county we have stably housed over 8,000 people,” said Henninger. “For one person we stably house, three more come to us asking for assistance.”

San Jose Police called it a complicated issue and said police are aware of the RV parking, not just on Tully Road but throughout the city. Often times, police officers will place a 72-hour sticker on the RV allowing the owners three days to relocate. Too often police see those RVs move to other areas of the city.

Police also said when they are able to tow an RV, tow companies often times refuse to take the RV due to lack of storage.

The City of San Jose offers two safe parking programs where 50 vehicles can park overnight at the Southside and Roosevelt community centers.