Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba tout empowerment, representation in ‘L.A.’s Finest’

Fans of the iconic “Bad Boys” franchise were thrilled when a television series in the same universe was announced back in 2017.

But when Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba were confirmed to not only star in the new show, but also executive produce it, the excitement turned into a big moment for representation in Hollywood.

It’s groundbreaking for two women of color to take the reins of show that puts them in leading roles, playing characters who are just as empowered and skilled as typical male characters.

“When men were writing for women, they weren’t writing women the way we really are,” said Alba. “Sometimes the way that women are portrayed, it doesn’t really reflect real life. But not this show.”

“We could help shape and mold the characters and the stories with the writers. Having a woman’s voice to drive the storytelling is amazing and makes the show even better,” she added.

The story follows the character Syd Burnett (Union) from the “Bad Boys” franchise and her new life as a LAPD detective with her new partner Nancy McKenna (Alba). Union shared that both executive producers envisioned the characters as black and brown women who are “painfully, deliciously flawed and boss chicks.”

“Not just powerful women in front of the camera, but also powerful women behind the camera,” said Union. “We’re not new to this, we’re true to this. Give us the direction and back up.”