Gasia Mikaelian's favorite childhood recipe

I am so lucky to have grown up in a home in which my parents prioritized home-cooked meals. My mom did most of the cooking, and we had dinner together as a family every night. One of my favorite dishes is a relatively simple one that you’ve probably had or seen before: tabbouleh. 

It’s a salad that features lots of bright tastes, and tons of fresh ingredients. Best of all, if you’re short on one, you can bump up another. I’ve never had a bad bowl of tabbouleh!

Gasia Mikaelian's family tabbouleh recipe


½ cup bulgur (cracked wheat)
Two bunches (curly) parsley
One bunch green onions
One big tomato
One small English cucumber
Juice of one large lemon


Soak the bulgur in ½ cup warm water so the cracked wheat softens.

Chop the parsley (leaves only), onion (all but the dark green tops), tomato and cucumber.

Combine with the bulgur in a  large bowl.

Add lemon juice and salt to taste