Generous stranger gifts 6-year-old Oakland 'Picasso' an Apple pen and iPad

When a KTVU crew first met Devon Mosley Jr. of Oakland in early August, the 6-year-old's work  was being displayed at a youth art exhibit.

He was drawing with chalk, paint and crayons.

But he said he wanted to draw with an Apple pen and an iPad. 

Now, a few weeks later, a generous KTVU  viewer named Eric Jackson  has made that wish come true. And KTVU was there when Jackson and Devon met for the first time Monday evening. 
Jackson, the manager of a Sprint store in Sunnyvale, greeted Devon and his grandmother, April Littlefield.

"Can I get a high five out of you?  You look familiar.  Do you know me?" Jackson asked the first grader as he entered the store.   

Devon caught the attention of Jackson earlier this month when KTVU did a story about Devon at a youth art exhibit.  His drawings of Sonic the Hedgehog showed a skill level beyond his years and attracted a lot of views on social media. Devon sold his paintings and was saving the money to buy an iPad and an Apple pen to improve his skills. 

"You don't get many kids who want to go out and save and do that.  Most kids nowadays, if they get any type of money in their hands, they're sidetracked by the next pair of Jordans," said Jackson, a native of East Palo Alto.  

He says he sees himself in Devon -- a child of the inner city. Jackson said he was taught by his family to help others whenever he can. 

Devon told Jackson he taught himself how to draw. 

In exchange for a painting, Jackson gave Devon an Apple pen and an iPad. 

Devon was enthusiastic when he thanked Jackson for the gift. "Oh ,man," the little boy said when he received the gift.

"You're welcome, but you got to show the world what you got 'cause you're special right now.  Tell them what you got," Jackson said.  

Devon's grandmother drove him from Oakland to Sunnyvale for the surprise visit, and said she wants Devon to learn to give and not only receive.  Littlefield says she's grateful to Jackson for his generosity.

"It's very touching that someone would want to help us or help him, a complete stranger, never met him," said Littlefield.  

So what's next for Devon?  Littlefield said she will make sure her grandson pays it forward by doing things to help others. Devon said  he'd like to help teach other kids to draw.