Get ‘egg-cited’ for Easter with these free holiday-themed movies on Tubi

Easter is April 4, and it’s an "egg-cellent" time to watch free-to-stream movies featuring the Sunday holiday.

While many activities may still be off the table this year, sitting down to watch a movie can be a great way to recognize the day, and Tubi, the largest online library of free TV shows and movies, has so many options to choose from.

Whether you’re looking to enjoy a kid-friendly Easter title with the whole family or want to learn more about the history of Christianity, you’ll be covered with the selections below:

Family-friendly Easter movies

Amanda and the Easter Bunny (2015) - Starring Timothy Banfield, Karrigan Powers and Dennis E. Williams
"A young girl on an adventurous treasure hunt is paid a surprise visit by the Easter Bunny himself."

Easterland (2019) - Starring Ken Yung, Thomas Carr, Jeremy Rottinger and Maria Petrano
"A villain banishes the Easter Bunny to a land of holiday misfits, so Santa and his trusted reindeer make an epic quest to save him and Easter for all."

Easterland 2 (2020) - Starring Paul Castro, Kelsey Painter, Sarah Taylor and Jonathon Carley
"As Easter approaches, Benny the Easter Bunny is planning his hunt when a wicked spell sets him back. Now, Santa and his reindeer must step in."

Easter Bunny Adventure (2017) - Starring Bill Oberst Jr., William McNamara, Danni Dandan Gadigan and KJ Schrock
"The Easter Bunny takes off in a hot air balloon, hunting for a giant Easter egg and meeting friends along the way, who tell him different stories."

Easter Sing (2019) - Starring James Kane, Victor Thiel and Alfred Hill
"Family-friendly sing-a-long with country bunnies Manny and Cottontop in Easterland, where the singing, dancing and egg-hunting fun never stops."

Hodge Saves Easter (2020) - Starring Aidan Mccreary, Darren Richardson and Jonathan Carley
"When a powerful golden egg is stolen by Dracula and Frankenstein, the Easter Bunny must enlist the help of his dimwitted big brother."

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Pieces of Easter (2013) - Starring Christina Marie Karis, Jefferson Moore and Nakia Barney
"A vain, young executive must accept the assistance of a reclusive farmer to get her home in time for Easter with her estranged family."

The Easter Bunny is Comin’ to Town (1977) - Starring Arthur Rankin Jr and Jules Bass
"Fred Astaire narrates the story of Easter, which actually began in the village of Kidville. The town was run and inhabited only by children, and one Easter morning the children found a sad baby bunny among them. They named him Sunny, and he grew up happily but liked to venture to a nearby town where only grown-ups lived--except for 7-year-old King Bruce. As a gesture of friendship, Sunny started bringing Bruce lovely painted eggs--the first Easter eggs ever. And every Easter thereafter, the rabbit would invent another Easter tradition--egg rolling, jellybeans, chocolate bunnies..."

The First Easter Rabbit (1976) - Starring Arthur Rankin Jr and Jules Bass"Burl Ives, as the Great Easter Bunny, narrates this delightful animate story of how, with the help of Santa Claus, a young girl's Christmas present--a stuffed bunny--becomes The First Easter Rabbit."

Christianity-focused films

Bible Collection: Genesis (1994) - Starring Annabi Abdelialil, Omero Antonutti and Sabir Aziz
"Experience the epic tale of creation in this Christian anthology that details the stories of Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, and Noah and the Ark."

Great Bible Stories (2016) - Starring Preston Campbell and Seth Packard
"Witness a touching depiction of sacred events from the Bible and Jesus' teachings with this engaging collection of six short films."

I believe in Easter (2015) - Starring Levi James, Dr. Dirk Jongkind and Dr. Richard Harvey
"A look at how the Church, as well as Emperors, Apostles, and Popes, have influenced the way our culture celebrates Easter Sunday."

Jesus of Nazareth (1977) - Starring Robert Powell
"Acclaimed director Franco Zeffirelli and an all-star cast come together to deliver a powerful adaptation of the Gospels in 1977's Jesus Of Nazareth. From the Nativity to the Crucifixion and Resurrection, the life of Jesus is presented with stunning depth, gravity, and emotion."

Paul the Apostle (2013) - Starring Johannes Brandrup, Franco Nero, Thomas Lockyer, Barbora Bobulova and Ennio Fantastinchini
"Beautifully filmed in the Moroccan desert, the biblical saga of Paul the Apostle is told as he brings Christ’s Gospel to the Western world."

The life of Jesus (2003) - Starring Henry Ian Cusick, Daniel Kash and Christopher Plummer
"The life of Jesus is recounted from the perspective of one of his apostles, according to the Gospel of John, and narrated by Christopher Plummer."

The Ten Commandments (2006) - Starring Dougray Scott, Linus Roache and Naveen Andrews
"Upon discovery of his true heritage, Moses embarks on a personal quest to reclaim his destiny as the leader and liberator of the Hebrew people."

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