Getting into the swing of things with SF Pride Golf Tournament

Pride is now in full swing in San Francisco. Organizers of the Inaugural SF Pride Golf Tournament say they just started putting together the event in February.

"We thought we'd need a whole year to put this together, but we said, let's just do it," said Greg Fitzgerald from the tournament. "Get some people out playing golf together, even if it's just 20 or 30 people. Now we have 120, golf professionals involved in each group."

Organizers say the tournament may be the first Pride golf tournament, but that it won't be the last adding it's an opportunity to show the impact the LGBTQ+ community is making in the sports world.

"We're in all kinds of sports; volleyball, rugby, golf. And, it's time to be visible in those sports, and this is what this event is about," said Fitzgerald.

While the golfers were showing their pride, San Francisco is preparing to show it's pride city wide.

Police say as in year's past, the party will be focused in the Civic Center area, with the Pride Parade Sunday making it's way up Market Street.

San Francisco police say while there are no specific threats, it's all hands on deck.

"In large events like in the City like this, it really takes everyone to do security," said Officer Robert Rueca from SFPD. "If you see something, we ask that you say something, speak with police, security or event coordinators."

Pride regularly brings tens of thousands of revelers to the city. San Francisco's Municipal Transportation Agency is finalizing street closure plans now. But, they're already saying anyone coming to Pride should use public transportation to get in, out and around the city.

"So, we're anticipating a lot of people on Muni, and to accommodate those riders, we're putting more two-cars trains out into service," said Paul Rose from the SFMTA.

"So, we'll have more service on Muni, and we're encouraging everyone to take public transit because parking is going to be tough to find."

When it comes to the celebrations around town there are no organized activities planned here in the Castro. So, no street closures in this area.

Police say they will be enforcing open container and public intoxication laws.

And SFPD is on message with the SFMTA, encouraging people to take public transit. They say if you must drive, don't leave anything in your vehicle- to help reduce the likelihood of auto burglaries.