Glass Fire creeps closer towards Calistoga city limits overnight

For Calistoga on the Napa Valley floor and for Angwin, 1,200 feet above in the mountains, it's an ongoing fight to keep these communities intact and alive. If the fight is lost, these communities could disappear of be forever changed.

Overnight, the Glass Fire came very close to Calistoga's city limits, taking out some structures and seriously threatening the historically significant and economically important tourist hot springs and dining mecca.

"Outside of the city limits, unfortunately, there has been pretty significant loss, residential and commercial to the west of us, to the east of us and certainly to the south of us," said Calistoga Mayor Chris Canning.

Even inside the city, there was a scare which turned out to be unrelated to the wildfire. "It was a utility shed. It appears to be an electrical issue but the fire department was on it immediately and put it out; no further issues resulting from it," said Mayor Canning.

But with active flames and unlimited hotspots all around, town officials are waiting with baited breath.

"So, we're in red flag now until 6 a.m. tomorrow. What we're hoping to avoid and looking to avoid is a wind event this evening," said the Mayor.

When the Glass Fire looks to be 'laid down', it continues to burn even though there is little or no wind. But, the problem is, put any wind on this and we've got a blow torch once again.

Up on Mount St. Helena, latent fires and hotspots became significant issues as they flared up enough to require helicopters to slow the fire down. Then ground crews working alongside with bulldozers, worked all day to build fire lines.

All of this, to try to keep the flames from crossing Highway 29 on their way down to Calistoga and many mountain side homes.

"We have fire on the east of us. We have fire on the west of us creeping along. Cal Fire and all the resources doing the best they can," said Mayor Canning.

By Friday night the Glass Fire had burned 61,150 acres and had little more containment at 8%. As many as 28,835 structures are threatened. A combined total of nearly 300 single family and multi-unit residences have been destroyed. 

There is so much smoke everywhere, that the valley floor looks like it's bathed in thick Tule fog. But it's a deceptive Tule fog that hides a stark reality, this fire is nowhere near to being done with its destruction.