Glide Memorial Church spreads Christmas cheer and warm meals

Elves around the Bay Area worked to make sure everyone had a full stomach for the holidays. 

Some of those in San Francisco lined up on Christmas Eve for a hot meal and companionship inside Glide Memorial Church. 

"It's very important, for me and my friend here, we don't have any plans for tomorrow or today," said Chastity Benjamin. "So this is where we come to eat and enjoy our holiday."

The main course was provided by the House of Prime Rib. Joe Betz and his family did more than donate 2,000 pounds of prime rib, his kids and grandchildren took over the serving line, teaching the next generation about the gift of giving. 

"If you can create a little happiness, that's as good as it gets. You get more out of it than you give," said Betz.

So many San Franciscans who are homeless or food insecure showed up and Glide had to open extra space for meals.

Lieutenant Governor Eleni Kounalakis agrees that too many are in need this year, and said the fix starts with working to put a roof over everyone's head. 

"I think what you're going to see is a very ambitious goal by the governor, the legislature is to really do more to deliver more housing," said Kounalakis. "We have a scarcity problem, we need more housing units."

About a mile away,  work was underway at Salvation Army, as an army of volunteers prepared 4,000 meals to go out Christmas morning to those who are elderly and housebound. 

Major Darren Norton said the red kettles will be put away for another year, and highlighted just how important the funds raised this holiday are for those in need next year. 

"The money that's given right now, the money that comes in the kettles throughout the season is all used for local people in the area throughout the year as well as this time of year," said Norton.       

It's not too late to donate to a worthy cause, organizations around the Bay Area still need help and say the generosity seen over the holiday season sustains them for months to come.